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Celebrate      ... Life ! ... Love ! ... God !
Your life and talents are a gift.
Enjoy an emotionally rewarding life.
The modern family is still family!
Nurture your child's spirit, not just their material needs.
The modern family deals has complex issues and challenges, but in the end we must love and accept each other as Christ has taught us to do.

Whether you are straight parents with gay children or gay parents with straight children, God has given you a unique opportunity to influence others.
Biblical Wisdom
It might not have been your plan that someone in your family is gay ... but obviously it was God's plan.
God wants us to nurture all relationships, gay & straight.
Have you found "Mr. Right!"
or perhaps "Ms. She's All That!"
A relationship that is strong, sturdy and unwavering takes more than chemistry -- it takes mutual commitment. The challenges you face together are opportunities to unite, grow and create a foundation of love.

God has given you tools to make your union a success.
Biblical Wisdom
Love is...
...not proud
...focused on your partner, not yourself
Build a more rewarding life.
Start by making a difference for someone else - without expecting any reward or compensation.

Serving others is a reward in and of itself!

When you see someone in need, don't just feel sorry and pray about it, do something. If you won't help, who will?
Biblical Wisdom
Join us in celebrating God and the good news of God's grace!
Why bother?
Not only to worship God ... but to encourage one another toward love and good deeds!

The church is supposed to be a support group ... it is not a venue for exclusivity or condemnation. As frail human beings, we are all subject to sin and weakness. We need the Lord and we need one another.
What are services like?
God looks at the heart - not your clothes - so come as you are!

Our worship services are modern using thought-provoking video, contemporary music, and warm-friendly hugs of friendship and support -literally! (LOL). We also have a youth ministry for families with children.

Our services are Spirit-led, Bible-based, and loving expressions of the joy that comes with salvation through Jesus Christ.
Get to know us without the crowd!
We have a number of small, friendly groups that meet regularly for a variety of activities including Bible study, book club, and social networking/fellowship. Contact our on-call Pastor to find a group and time of interest.
Biblical Wisdom
We embrace the Apostle Paul's guidance that, in Christ, there is no male or female, jew nor greek. Therefore in God's Church there is no gay or straight - only disciples of Christ.

Straight, gay, single, partnered - all are welcome!
People may reject you, but God has not.
Don't bear your worries alone.
Need a friend who understands?
Have you been told you are going to hell?
Being gay doesn't condemn you to hell.
In fact, Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgendered persons. Jesus said much about God's love for all of us and about our need to respond to that love.
Biblical Wisdom
Rejected by your family, friends or community?
God never meant for us to reject one another. He wants us to love each other. Jesus Christ knows what it's like to be rejected, mocked, and even killed without any just cause.

Jesus wants us to have life to the fullest possible. You can find a full life by having a relationship with God and getting help from your spiritual family - the church.
Biblical Wisdom
Feeling unworthy?
No one is perfect. Jesus Christ was the only person to live without making a mistake. His death was a sacrifice on our behalf ... it allows us all to receive the grace of God. Grace is offered to everyone!
Because of Christ we don't have to be worthy, we just have to believe in him.
Biblical Wisdom
Struggling with drugs or addiction?
Consider that even the great apostle Paul who authored most of the New Testament scripture confessed that the very thing he wanted to stop doing ... he could not.
You don't have to clean up your life to come to Christ. COME JUST AS YOU ARE.
Biblical Wisdom
Know where to go...
... to get help
... to help someone find help.
  • Crisis/Suicide Intervention
  • Homeless Programs & Shelters
  • Senior Services
  • Youth Services
  • Special Needs
  • more ... see Database for Searches
Dial 211 or click the link below.
Biblical Wisdom